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joseph f. phillips

Joe, a sixth generation Texan, was born in McAllen, TX and attended Texas public schools. Joe is a 1972 graduate of the University of Texas, where he received a Bachelor of Journalism, and went on to pursue his career in journalism. After serving on the staff of the Daily Texan for three years, he worked for the Joliet (III) Herald-News and Cincinnati Enquirer before moving to Central America and co-founding the San Jose News in 1973 and the Guatemala News in 1976. After returning to the U.S., Joe joined his families petroleum business, Phillip Properties, Inc. Serving as President/CEO from 1985-1999, Joe helped build it into a regional chain of convenience stores, truck stops, and Burger King restaurants. A current resident of Mission, TX, Joe owns several rural properties, and has served on the board of numerous local and state government agencies as well as non-profit organizations. Joe has one son, Andrew, who is an assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of North Carolina. Joseph Phillips has been a STPRA member since 2012.
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