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My name is Thaddius Watson, and I am a Mineral Manager with the San Antonio, TX office of Argent Mineral Management, a unique entity focused on managing mineral interest for individuals and organizations. Beginning next week, I, along with my colleague from our Southlake, TX office Buffie Campbell, will begin providing content for the STPRA blog focusing on the oil and gas industry and related issues pertaining to mineral owners.

But first, before our column officially begins, I’d like to share a bit about who we are and why our advice matters.

Argent Mineral Management, LLC (AMM) is a mineral management company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Argent Financial Group, the largest independent, trust-based wealth management firm in the South. Argent as a whole has responsibility for approximately $14.5 billion of client assets and serves clients nationwide through our 25 offices across 12 states.

AMM, originally called Argent Property Services, was formed in Ruston, Louisiana in 2005 to serve trust and non-trust clients in managing their mineral interests, particularly those connected to the Haynesville Shale play. Since that time, we have been very successful helping landowners protect and maximize their oil and gas assets.

At the beginning of 2016, Heritage Trust Company of Oklahoma City combined with Argent, resulting in a larger and more specialized group that was renamed Argent Mineral Management.

Today, AMM manages over 2 million mineral acres across 29 states. We have offices in Ruston and Shreveport, Louisiana; San Antonio and Southlake, Texas; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

AMM offers comprehensive mineral management services including contract negotiation, oil and gas accounting, estate administration, asset evaluation and ongoing management.

One of our more valued services for most clients is our accounting and auditing of royalty payments, which utilizes a proprietary oil and gas accounting system we developed in 2013. Since 2007, we have recovered over $20 million in revenue for our clients.

AMM clients also benefit from our network of client landowners, which gives us a broad range of property-related information and intelligence, as well as increased leverage in negotiating with regional exploration companies, adding significant strength to each and every landowner’s portfolio.

Personally, I joined Argent Mineral Management in early 2015. I am a Mineral Manager and Property Consultant. In my role here, I work with landowners, businesses and families to ensure they are achieving financial growth and make sure that their land is reaching its maximum potential. I advise clients across the South with a focus in Texas for any of their property and mineral rights needs. Prior to joining Argent, I worked as a petroleum Landman and a property consultants manager based in Fort Worth, Texas. I am a member of the American Association of Landmen and Young Professionals in Energy.

Buffie Campbell brings years of oil and gas expertise to the Argent Mineral Management team. Prior to Argent, she was Vice President and an Oil & Gas Property Manager at J. P. Morgan Chase Bank. Prior to J. P. Morgan, Buffie was the managing partner at Campbell & Castillo. Buffie is an attorney, licensed in both Texas and North Dakota, and a Certified Petroleum Landman (CPL). She is a member of the Dallas County Bar Association, The Tarrant County Bar Association and the Fort Worth Association of Petroleum Landmen. Buffie previously served as a Board Member and President of the Flower Mound Bar Association.

If you have any suggested topics for our future blogs or if you have specific questions about how Argent Mineral Management can help you, please use the contact information below. You are also welcome to visit our website at

Thaddius Watson
San Antonio Office

Buffie Campbell, JD, CPL
Dallas/Fort Worth Office

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