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April 6, 2019
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June 16, 2019

Landline – May 2019

A Message from Executive Director, Susan J. Kibbe

Dear Members:

Much has occurred in the last month that could be shared, but my primary focus in this letter will be on one issue, our formation issue: Border Security & Immigration Reform.

For too long we’ve been waiting for a bipartisan Congressional solution to what’s been occurring at the border. Now, two leaders of our Texas Congressional delegation, U.S. Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Henry Cuellar, have stepped up to the plate with meaningful reform that you, our members, should be aware of and support: the HUMANE Act. See the one pager that highlights the main objectives.

Is it a fix for all the issues? No, but it addresses the major loopholes that are currently the magnet pulling Central Americans and others around the world to make the dangerous trek to the United States to seek asylum under a status for which the vast majority do not qualify. And in the meantime, cartels and transnational criminal organizations are making billions of dollars off the misery of these people and infiltrating the United States with their presence and with their businesses.   

While Border Patrol’s hands are tied on the humanitarian front, thousands are getting past them with ease, organized by the cartels. For that reason what is occurring at the border is not only a humanitarian crisis, but also a security crisis as well.

I’d like you to join the STPRA effort with one voice by contacting your U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz to urge them to sign on in support of the bipartisan legislation. Also, please contact Senator Cornyn and Congressman Cuellar and thank them for coming together to offer meaningful reform that addresses the current border crisis.

In addition, the overwhelming majority of the Southwest Border Sheriffs and all of the U.S. Border Patrol agree that fixing the current immigration loopholes is the quickest and most effective way to address the humanitarian crisis, giving them the opportunity to address the security crisis. 

Here’s how to contact your Senators and Congressmen.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for your support!

Until next month,

Susan J. Kibbe
Office (361) 348-3020