Probably the hottest transportation topic in the upcoming 86th legislative session will be the use of toll roads.Lt. Governor Patrick opposes them and Gov. Abbott has directed TxDOT commissioners to not approve any additional toll road projects. Meanwhile urban areas are seeking to gain exceptions to this rule in trying to address the massive growth and congestion they are experiencing.

Proposition 1 Update (2014)

Texans overwhelmingly passed a proposed constitutional amendment on November 4, 2014 that will provide billions more in reliable transportation funding. In the first year alone, Texas will invest $1.7 billion in our state’s infrastructure – without new taxes, fees or debt.

Legislative Update (August 1, 2013)

The Senate Finance Committee took up a constitutional amendment that would divert half of the oil and gas taxes from the Rainy Day Fund into a state highway fund. If it passes (likely passage in Senate, but House is more doubtful), it will have to be approved by Texas voters in the fall.