South Texans’ Property Rights Association (STPRA) was formed in 2006 to shed light on the many issues that face our region. We are an educational resource for our members and the general public and serve as a catalyst for finding solutions to some of the important challenges that exist for South Texas property owners.

STPRA works with the public and government officials to protect the rights of property owners in South Texas. We serve as a unifying force for South Texas by bringing the power of information and rational discourse to many of the issues that face our region. Whether it is energy production, immigration, national security, transportation, recreation, or food and fiber production, South Texas is a region of national importance. STPRA strives to be a source of information about South Texas to promote the region’s future growth, prosperity, and security.

The STPRA is governed by its members and board of directors. The STPRA Board of Directors and staff are comprised of South Texas landowners who desire to see our region remain strong and continue to grow. STPRA is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and it operates with charitable tax-exempt contributions.



  • Border Security and Immigration Reform- Leader in promoting solutions to our dysfunctional border with Mexico that include cooperation and coordination among landowners and county, state and federal law enforcement agencies, increased state and federal security resources, and sensible immigration legal reform and enforcement. Have begun councils in two Border Patrol sectors.

  • Eminent Domain- Educate law-makers about the importance of legislation that ensures fair proceedings in the use of eminent domain by properly authorized condemning entities and provides for just compensation to landowners in property takings.

  • Endangered Species Act- State’s strongest proponent of keeping intact the Texas Endangered Species Task Force, which has prevented listings of the Dune Sagebrush Lizard, the Lesser Prairie Chicken, and numerous other species that would have decimated regional economies.

  • Taxation- Advocate the repeal of the Estate Tax and reducing impacts on farm and ranch family holdings in the meantime. Passed legislation that protects royalty owners from unfair property taxation.

  • Human and Animal Health- Statewide leader in promoting increased state and federal resources and landowner cooperation in addressing fever ticks, educating the public about the dangers and preventative measures related to Chagas disease and the Zika virus, and supporting effective measures by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in stopping the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease.

  • Landowner Compensation- Primary advocate in convincing the Legislature to authorize local authorities to compensate private landowners for damages caused by trespassers and law enforcement.

  • Landowner Liability- Advocate for legislative and judicial protections for landowners from liability for deaths of and injuries to trespassers. Supported Supreme Court decisions favoring landowners’ rights.

  • Prescribed Burning- Leading advocate for legislative measures that enable the commissioning of many more burn-masters and provide opportunities for volunteer fire departments to obtain adequate and affordable insurance.

  • Transportation- Joined with allied organizations to stop the Trans-Texas Corridor and continue to successfully advocate for the use of existing rights-of-way to ensure the least damage to private property possible, as caused by new transportation projects.

  • Water Regulation and Conservation- Joined with allied organizations to pass legislation defining groundwater in-place as a property right of ownership and continue to help advocate to prevent any dilution of private property ownership and local control of groundwater regulation. Support preservation of access to surface water for agricultural use and open space benefit.