Our members are kept abreast of property owner issues and concerns through events and frequent news updates through electronic and printed media.



The STPRA board of directors has currently identified 10 areas of concern. We provide information and education about these issues and in some cases may take positions and work actively toward their resolution.


What your membership helps us accomplish

Just a few examples of our recent accomplishments include new legislation that protects royalty owners from unfair property taxation and provides new funding to compensate landowners for damages from bailouts. We also filed a legal brief that supported a Supreme Court decision protecting landowners in disputes with oil companies and we expanded Border Patrol cooperation with landowners and local law enforcement. In the coming months, we hope to accomplish even more. However, we couldn’t do it without the generous contributions of members just like you!

In a lot of complex governmental rules that affect our everyday lives here in South Texas, STPRA is our only neutralizer and arbitrator of these rules, laws and proposed legislation that affect us. - John Prukop, STPRA Advisor


Taxation remains a constant for every landowner. It is the consensus of the STPRA Board to increase our organization’s focus on property taxation. There is a need by our membership and the many other land owners of South Texas for an organized alliance to lead the effort to ensure a fair and equitable property tax system in rural Texas.

We plan to create an annual reminder that goes out to membership prior to tax season to protest unfair valuations, and after values are set, to play a more active role in the tax rate/budget process for local government entities. We also will host informational seminars/webinars prior to tax season, and continue to search for additional resources so landowners can effectively protest their taxes.