Taxation remains a constant for every landowner. It is the consensus of the STPRA board members to increase our organization’s focus on taxation of landowners. We feel that this is an issue that has been under represented in all parts of our state, specifically in our region. There is a need by our membership and the many other land owners of South Texas for an organized alliance to lead this effort, and an opportunity for our organization to fill that role. Not only is this a way for us to help our members but it is also a way to better our communities.

We plan to create an annual reminder that goes out to membership prior to tax season by phone, email or text; host informational seminars or webinars prior to tax season; and continue to search for additional resources.

We will work to build relationships with the county appraisal offices, help facilitate meetings between organized landowner groups and county appraisers, help structure and design legislation or rules that help improve our rural taxing systems, and explore the idea of creating a program to assist landowners in protesting their taxes.

DISCLAIMER: STPRA is not a licensed property tax consultant and is not in the business of providing property tax consulting services to its members or others for compensation as defined under Title 7, Chapter 1152 of the Property Tax Consultant Occupations Law. Members and others are urged to seek their own counsel with regard to property tax protest bases, deadlines, and procedures.