Landline – October 2019 – STPRA
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December 17, 2019
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December 17, 2019

Landline – October 2019

A Message from Executive Director, Susan J. Kibbe

Good morning Members,

I hope that this past month has brought you all what you’ve needed in the way of rain and growing time. It looks like many will have productive fall and winter seasons.

My staff and I are more than pleased to have had one more successful STPRA Annual Meeting and Fundraiser completed, with such amazing results.

This team effort would not have been possible without our very generous sponsors and donors; including participation from our directors, advisors, members, speakers, exhibitors, and others. Certainly not least in accounting for our success: our results oriented, hardworking staff!

As many of you know, it’s always challenging to get speakers confirmed for such events, but the stars lined up and put together a group that played off each other and the outcome was brilliant. Each one acknowledging the prior speakers comments on the importance of grassroots efforts to keep and maintain our freedoms and how that affects our rights as private property owners.

State Senator Lois Kolkhorst spoke of the importance of speaking up, showing up, and continuing with our grassroots efforts; next Dr. G. Cliff Lamb, Professor and Head of the Department of Animal Science at A&M University and a fifth generation African, whose family land was confiscated by the government, noted the significance of his family and neighbors experiences concerning property rights; U.S. Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost spoke of the importance of their partnership with landowners; and lastly Texas Country Reporter Bob Phillips, highlighted the uniqueness and the accomplishments of everyday Texans, and cautioned the audience not to take their current freedoms for granted and to stay engaged on all levels.

In addition, we reached the highest attendance rate than ever before, and our silent and live auction surpassed previous ones. The live auction was made special by the U.S. Border Patrol donating spurs and a blanket to the auctions. Chief Provost stayed until the end of the event to watch the live auction. When the first set of spurs came up for bid, she added her own personal challenge coin, which together brought $1,000!

The relationships and partnerships that we’ve been able to cultivate over the past 13 years have made a difference on many levels. We will continue those efforts and look forward to the progress that we can make in 2020.

Thank you members for your support! It is what keeps us moving forward.

th Texans and serve as a leader for the South Texas region. Thank you for helping us get here!

Until next month,

Susan J. Kibbe
Office (361) 348-3020