Landline – July 2020 – STPRA
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June 5, 2020
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Landline – July 2020

A Message from Executive Director, Susan J. Kibbe

Dear Members,

I sincerely hope that this message finds you and your families well and safe during this historic time in our nation.

I’m happy to report that a positive ruling was made in the First Court of Appeals in Houston last month on the Hlavinka v HSC Pipeline case. The trial court ruling was overturned making the landowner testimony on corridors admissible. We would like to thank our director attorneys for their input on the case. Read our amicus brief and the First Court of Appeals opinion.

We had a very informative webinar last month as Deryl McKinnerney, of the 4R Ranch, guided the listeners through his process of fighting the kissing bug that can cause Chagas disease in dogs and humans. He was very generous in sharing how he maintains his environmental controls in a safe and effective manner, and he shared the medical treatment that his veterinarian has devised that has successfully treated his dogs that had tested positive for Chagas disease.

Our annual meeting and fundraiser plans have really taken shape. Sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees have begun signing up. With the unknown still out there, we have taken extra precautions in addition to the social distancing and mask wearing, by adding the use of air purifying machines that kill viruses and germs. STPRA director, Othal Brand, will be providing them. We’ll also be using the Virus Clean system that sprays a mist as you walk through a breezeway structure. It includes a product filled mat that you walk on as you enter the enclosed portion of the facility. The chemical is all natural and non-toxic and is FDA approved. Read more about these products here: Virus Clean system and air purifying machine.

In these unprecedented times it has been a challenge to be as normal as possible and keep putting one foot in front of the other. But we can do it, and STPRA is here to help in any way that we can.

Stay safe and the best to all!

Until next month,

Susan J. Kibbe
Office (361) 348-3020