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January 14, 2021
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Landline – February 2021

A Message from Executive Director, Susan J. Kibbe

Dear Members,

As the new year progresses, we in South Texas are beginning to feel the effects of the new administration’s executive orders in various areas, but I’m going to focus on Border Security & Immigration Reform in this month’s newsletter.

South Texas landowners are experiencing illegal aliens traversing their property, both on foot and in vehicles, in numbers that they haven’t seen in years. And groups of over thirty people seen by landowners is a very intimidating experience.

Unfortunately, the Biden Administration is changing some border security policies and putting others on hold that worked under the previous administration.

Their changed policies act as a direct pull factor with the immigrant population, which is manipulated by the various cartel factions. When apprehended illegal immigrants state that they were told the new president would make them U.S. citizens, you know you have a major catastrophe waiting to happen.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, Border Patrol only has 25 percent capacity at their holding facilities. That COVID factor has brought an additional component to the situation that has increased its seriousness.

Property damage to fences, gates, and other installations as far reaching as the southern Alice area has already caused landowners to incur expenses in excess of tens of thousands of dollars.

Our board has made the decision to release this statement to elected officials, press, and the general public. We are here to work on behalf of landowners to improve the current situation and, hopefully, to have the Biden Administration realize how its policies can affect U.S. citizens in the southern border regions, and beyond.

On a lighter note, we’d like to again announce that a “Lifetime Individual Membership” level was approved by our board last week. In addition, we announced that the first 21 lifetime members would receive a special rate of $1,250 instead of the approved rate of $1,500. I’m pleased to announce that we’ve already reached the 19 mark, so there are still a couple available.

Lastly, I’d like to let you know that we’ll be adding a weekly legislative update on the various legislation we support or oppose during the Legislative Session.

Please let me know if you have any issues or concerns and we’ll be happy to try to help.

Until next month,

Susan J. Kibbe
Office (361) 348-3020