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November 14, 2021
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Landline – December 2021

A Message from Executive Director, Susan J. Kibbe


Dear Members,


As we approach the end of 2021 and gather as family and friends during this most important time of the year, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for your active support of South Texans’ Property Rights Association. It has gotten us where we are today, to our 15th year. And I am grateful to you!


We work to ensure that your voices are heard by our elected officials from the Federal, State and local governments. The relationships that we have been able to forge over the years have paid off in a big way! We are now recognized as one of the go to organizations that is both a key resource for decision makers and a group that gets things done. One of our strong points is our ability to put together and organize stakeholder meetings that put a plan into action to help landowners, other stakeholders, our state, and yes, our nation.


I had the opportunity to attend a stakeholder meeting in Del Rio last week, that was hosted by U.S. Senator John Cornyn. As the only landowner representative there, I had the opportunity to tell your story, how you are affected, and offer input on possible remedies. But it will take more support from elected officials.


We were asked by the National Border Patrol Council and then by Congresswoman Stephanie Bice to endorse her legislation: Securing American Families from Exploitation (SAFE) at the Border Act. Congresswoman Stephanie Bice is of Oklahoma’s 5th District. To read the bill in its entirety, click here.


Does it have a chance of moving in this political climate? Most likely not, but we stand with those that put forth rational solutions that have the capability of making a difference. It doesn’t help landowners further than 10 miles from the border. But if the border can be secured at or near the Rio Grande River, most landowners wouldn’t feel the effects that all of us are subject to currently.


We will officially kick off our “End of the Year Giving” on December 13. We ask that you consider giving whatever you can to help further our mission.


Thank you, and Merry Christmas! Until next month,